• Cyclotis

    Short-term translation memory sharing service

    • Cyclotis creator API

      A web-REST service to create databases, to be called by applications

    • Cyclotis creator for browser

      A web/HTTP interface to enable people creating databases

    • Cyclotis for OmegaT

      All necessary to give access to a Cyclotis memory inside OmegaT

    • Cyclotis HTTP

      REST service to give read/write access to Cyclotis database: slower but more secure than direct SQL access via JDBC or similar interfaces

    • Cyclotis SQL

      PostgreSQL part of the Cyclotis service : contains sql declarations and Perl scripts to call them

    • Cyclotis Trados plugin

      This plugin is a "translation provider" for SDL Trados, giving access to a Cyclotis translation memory

  • Elefas

    Long term translation memory server

  • OmegaT patches

    These patches improve OmegaT's plugin mechanism, in particular to support project-wide plugin instances
    Necessary to make the Cyclotis plugin work, but potentially usable elsewhere.

  • Ruber

    Generic name for Ruby projects

    • Castor

      Monolingual database to group documents by similarity

    • Culter

      Implementation of segmentation rules. Currently supports basic segmentation and SRX, may add new ones in the future

    • Exilis

      Long-term locally indexed translation memory based on Lucene. Written in JRuby for Lucene, should work with IronRuby+Lucene.NET

    • Spongiae

      Filters for various document formats.
      Written in Ruby in order to work with CRuby, IronRuby and JRuby (but some filters may be restricted to one specific interpreter due to native code)

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